Free Dress Up Games For Girls Who Love Fashion

Free dress up games for girls who love fashion. Steampunk fashion pictures. Fashion men suits.

Free Dress Up Games For Girls Who Love Fashion

free dress up games for girls who love fashion

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Playing Battle Dress Up

Playing Battle Dress Up
Playing Battle Dress Up, 2005, 8.75ft h x 16.5ft w, combine painting, mixed media on military tent liner. Tent liner (can be expanded to 27ft wide), 4-1960’s West German military duffel bags opened, approx 45"h x 28"w each.

Before the stigma of Nazism, much of eastern Europe developed Arian envy, ie, German technology and ingenuity and obsession with precision. My father (born in Yugoslavia) was among those people who modeled their skills and their lives after German excellence. An attitude that was swept up with the condoning of Nazism. This is my background. This was the environment that I come from and this was the environment that gave me what I needed (the rebel) to be married to a Jew or the "Other". Two opposing forces or cultures that can still bring about a nurturing environment.

The process of reparenting my inner child becomes more complex as the adult emerges and the influences of a hostile global and social environment invade the innocence of childhood….thereby exposing us….

Linking female "Dress Up" and male "Battle Dress", it’s a balancing of my own feminine/masculine energies, and the confusion of our times.

Young males going into the military to become soldiers (to become "men")… not always realizing fully (or deeply) what that means. Youths going off, carrying with them their sensitive innards. Here we see it illustrated in a very graphic way…. emotions and fear, childlike qualities, playfulness, feminine energies….

This piece contains: 4 West German military duffel bags from the 1960’s, ripped wide open; my father’s "Made in Germany" measuring tape (he was a tailor); newspaper page torn out from "The Standard", Montreal, Nov 27, 1926; letters in a bag; dictionary page, containing the words: "fundamentalism", "funeral’; dried white wildflowers; dead leaves; wire mesh; string; burlap; opened silk purse; fruit mesh bag; swatch of USA flag; pink lace; carbon paper (in my sisters handwriting) including words "bushel for bushel"; red ribbon; oil can "3-in-1"; cord; book of matches; newspaper page from "The Shawinigan Standard", Nov 14, 1945; polish letter from Warsaw, Poland written Nov 18, 1945.

*Exhibited at Sandra Goldie Gallery, Montreal, Canada, group show. Nov15-26.05.

Dress Up Dance

Dress Up Dance
The Creemore Children’s Dress Up Fountain, donated to the Village of Creemore, Ontario by the sculpter, Ralph Hicks. This wonderful work of art is located just of Mill Street between the Horticultural Society Garden and the Station on the Green. I particularly wanted to get some night shots as I thought the lighting added something special to the joyous characters presented by the sculpter. I thought they had the water running at night with lights in the base, but without the water, I was able to get a different perspective on the figures and not risk getting the camera drenched.

Best viewed on black. (Left click on photo)

free dress up games for girls who love fashion